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Attempting to Decode Randomness

If you think you don't understand it, wait till you ask the guys who are random.

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Let’s try to get things straightened out first. The dictionary definition of randomness cannot go by in this area, because it’s too confusing for some people. Randomness can either act as something that happens for no reason or something without a given or organized order. Looking back at the previous statement, not having an organized order, in itself, is also an order, but I’m not going to get into that, just because. Facts and definitions AREN’T enough to decode what randomness is.


If you do something when you’re alive, why is being dead still considered as doing something?

Let’s try looking at how randomness works. First of all, don’t just follow knowledge, follow emotions and other non-verbal or intellectual stuff. Randomness isn’t something that can be defined so easily, and you can’t exactly describe how it feels to be random. In a sense, describing or explaining randomness is the equivalent of trying to explain nothing. You try to follow the dictionary definition, but as you begin explaining how it works, everything starts turning into mush.

Here’s a recent example: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Yes, we, in the Global Youth Journal, can’t get enough of it.)

The concept’s nice and simple, have a bucket full of ice (or really cold water) dropped on you (Really, it just showed up for some fundraiser thing.). The main issue though, is how many people are actually donating to the guys of the foundation? Most people just tend to this thing for fun. Sure they do acknowledge the disease (whatchamacallit), but how many of these guys have actually done something to help out the victims. Even though there is a big doubt that most people DON’T donate or do something for the sick guys and girls, the fundraiser has already accumulated more than 100 million dollars.

Though there are reasonings of how the challenge is a success, it doesn’t exactly explain the idea on why people would still do these things. Most of the time, people just do these things because they’re fun and stuff. Nevertheless, the ice bucket challenge has been a viral phenomena that has dragged in sorts of celebrities.

There is nothing wrong with the reasoning on why the ice bucket is popular, but the idea that many people would just dump a bucket of cold water on their head to get other people to do it rather than the original intention (Which was supposed to raise awareness for that lung disease thing) follows an essence of randomness. This thing is fuelled more by our emotions rather than the logic of “We should help these people”, and thus, makes it random.


“Tell Confess-a-bear now! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Human emotion is something that I personally consider as one of the most ambiguous, random, yet common, part of our life. There’s no real way to explain how our emotions work (Unless of course you try to say things like our emotions come from our hormones which stimulate the brain to do stuff, but as stated above, randomness cannot be defined by facts or words alone.). Our emotions aren’t really exclusive to us, but the fact that we have them, and act upon our “heart” (Yeah, this is a common misconception because the Romans thought our emotions came from our heart) is a clear sign of randomness.

It’s something that we can’t explain, much like how love can be at times.

“The absolute yearning of one human body for another particular body and its indifference to substitutes is one of life’s major mysteries.” ~ Iris Murdoch

This quote pretty much sums up what can define randomness. Randomness is something that cannot be held down by mere facts or realities, but by the mysterious source that fuels it. I honestly can’t say why I do enjoy being random, or why I can’t exactly explain my own randomness in life (As much as I rant in this post, I still can’t figure it out myself.). What I do know is this: Randomness shouldn’t be held down by logic, because everything would become systematic. If everything only followed what logic would dictate, then everything would just be the same monotonic cycle for all eternity. Randomness stands as this contrast, a contrast to common logic and realities that bound us to life.

Each one of us has this randomness within us. This randomness is what prevents us from being a mindless, primordial being. It is because of mankind’s randomness that so many weird innovations were made that have changed the world into what it is today. (Yeah, I’m going to use a cliché. I don’t even care anymore, then again, caring is also part of randomness.)

The reason why we don't have dragons is because there are moths.

The reason why we don’t have dragons is because there are moths.

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