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The Anatomy of Perfect

Love is not answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Love can never be explained. It can only be felt.

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Is there such thing as perfect?

Is there such thing as perfect?

A year ago, I believed in the need to find that “perfect” girl who would fit my every standard of “perfect” to the dot. She would be tall with brunette hair and a slim built similar to that of the actress Gal Gadot. Her eyes would be the color of autumn leaves. Her smile would be that half smile, half smug kind of smile, which I could never actually describe. We will have lots of things in common so that we would never run out of things to talk about. She would have that secret talent like singing or playing the piano and it would be plus points as well if she could dance or play a sport.

Needless to say, many of you may almost have the same description as I did. Media has played a vital role in injecting into our brains what our perfect partner should be like. I’ve learned though that maybe that should not always be the case. I have come across of countless girls who would fit those descriptions, but none of them gave me that tingling feeling where my knees would weaken like what you see in movies. I was left disappointed every time.

I was only left with hope that with every passing broken-heart, my Juliet would just appear in all her perfections. That’s how it went in the movies anyways, but I was wrong. Soon, I gave up and started to accept that maybe love just wasn’t for me. But as soon as I stopped searching, she presented herself. She didn’t come in that pretty package that I had always hoped for, but she came in something equally beautiful.

Perfect presented itself in a shirt and a pair of jeans.

It wasn’t the cute summer girl look, but her smile and the way her eyes fluttered were everything but. When I met her, she had braces, which were always somewhat sort of a turn-off for me, but she was able to pull it off. She always did seem more interesting when she was sporting the braces and glasses combination.

Sometimes, imperfect can be our perfect

Sometimes, imperfect can be our perfect

She was always herself with me. She would fart, burp and what not, which I honestly thought would be gross, but it was different with her. She was herself and that was something I have come to appreciate and adore. She was weird, but I always felt like at least she was my weirdo and we could just simply be weird together.

We shared a bond only two of us had. We understood each other and our minds would always be synchronised on the littlest details. I guess we just learned to love each other’s imperfections. She is imperfect, but she is my definition of perfect.

It’s funny because I didn’t get that weakness in the knees feeling with the angel choirs singing when I met her. Love doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, all it takes is that wake up call, that one broken-heart, to realize that “perfect” isn’t always perfect.

She never thought herself to be so, but now, she has someone who stares at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world. She now has someone whose heart would beat twice as fast at the sight of her, and would skip at the sound of her voice. I don’t need some girl from the movies to experience all of that.

Although love can never be explained, or be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, it can be felt.

My tip for anyone who is still searching is to stop. Stop searching because you won’t find her that way. Look with your heart and not your eyes. Your eyes don’t see what the heart can feel. She might end up like a “Robin” in the context of the series “How I Met Your Mother”, but she will always have that special place to dictate how every other person who comes after should be like.

Maybe we already know deep down what perfect is for us

Maybe we already know deep down what perfect is for us

Lorenzo Arceo is an 18 year old Filipino-Chinese teenager who is constantly searching for life’s deeper meanings. He is currently a college freshman majoring in Management Information Systems at the Ateneo De Manila University. During his free time, he enjoys reading books, listening to music, hanging-out with friends and singing to his favorite love songs. You can listen to his covers in his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lorenzoarceo

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