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The Melancholic Smile

Behind every face hides a story, but that story may not always be heard out.

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If you’ve played enough video games or watched enough TV shows or read enough books, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the trope, “Hidden Depths”. If you’re not, Hidden Depths means that there’s something very important or startling hidden deep within a person, something they do not show very often.

What does this have to do with the topic at hand?


Most people are familiar with those who are sad or curt, but are actually happy, but I am here to begin my discussion on the vice-versa, those who pretend to be happy for the sake of others being happy. As the title would suggest, hidden within the happy visage of our subject is a deep sorrow. A sorrow that can not be dealt with ease and requires extreme sensitivity. Like a treasure hidden through the depths of society, these people may be anyone who’s smiling.

Reasons for their sorrow can be varied, but each person’s sadness can’t be dealt through simple means. Some occasions where you tell these people, “Just let it go already, it’s just the past.” makes the sorrow grow even more than before speaking with them. Unfortunately, simply “letting go” is something that hurts considerably. Though their pain of the past is gone, they still have the scars and trauma to remember the pain. Occasionally, people will simply hide it because they don’t want to trouble others. They’d lock the problem on themselves solely, and keep it hidden from others. Their intentions are very good, but by isolating the problem to themselves, then it means that they must fight the problem on their own.

Sadness is something very deep, as much as it’s counterpart, happiness, finds itself. When we are happy with something, we laugh, we are amused, we smile, but what do those who are sad usually do? Some say they weep, they mope, they are hopeless and without direction, but are all these statements really true?

The fact that there are those who hide their sorrow for others is proof that sadness can take on many more forms.  We can smile when we’re sad, we can celebrate in sadness, or we can enjoy life in sadness, so what why is it that most people think sad people weep, lose hope or mope?

The answer: because it’s openly visible

It’s a given in life, that many will judge first through the outside of the situation, and this quandary is no different from the rest. Those who are openly sad with their problems get attention and all like the happy, but what about those who keep their sadness a secret? There’s no problem with people being secretly happy, since happiness is positive, but sadness is almost a complete contrast to the melancholy many suffer. If majority of the attention is diverted to those who are either being openly happy, or sad, then what becomes of those who hide their sadness?

Answers may vary at this point, because there are many ways for the people to go. There are those who are able to finally let go of their sadness on their own. In their case, this is one of the pinnacles of their life, to be able to release so much weight from their hearts and souls, and to flow into the heavens, as if all of life has given them salvation. Others may seek comfort from loved ones, and this is one of the optimal results from the melancholy. Life is something to be shared, benefits, problems and all. Sharing your problem with your friends isn’t something that’s going to trouble them too much. After all, if they really are your friends, they’d always be willing to keep everyone happy, including you. Friends and family are among the greatest blessings you can ever have, so make use of them when you need to, because none of you will always be there for the other. Unfortunately, there are those who continue to fall victim to their sadness, sinking into depression and committing unspeakable acts. Sometimes, the burden of sadness weighs too heavy for those who have held on for too long. The end result is truly tragic, but sometimes there are solutions that they never see until the end.

Sometimes, these people won’t reveal their sadness so easily. This is naturally because they don’t feel reassured by the presence of others, and they’d rather ward off others than give them an opportunity to help. Some may be doomed by these rules, however, but they may be doing something for a single purpose: Hope

These groups personally believe that their problem is indeed hopeless on their own, but they continue to hold out for the single purpose of finding that single person. The single person who can change their world, and finally crush their problem. With this in mind, they continue to fight and search for that single person, a person to be that guiding light.

Some say that they need to do things alone, but not every personal problem can be achieved through solitude. There are times when we need others, and times where the only solution is to be with another. Revealing the sadness is always the very first step in order to defeat it.

That’s why sometimes people go out with their unnoticed sadness, to find the one person to be the glimmering stars of their empty night sky.

The Melancholic Smile Reviewed by on . If you've played enough video games or watched enough TV shows or read enough books, then I'm sure you're familiar with the trope, "Hidden Depths". If you're no If you've played enough video games or watched enough TV shows or read enough books, then I'm sure you're familiar with the trope, "Hidden Depths". If you're no Rating: 0

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