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The Success in Failure

It's time to celebrate your failures!

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Failure is often seen in a negative light – “the lack of success” according to Google. If you look at it at a different perspective though, you’ll see it’s nothing to mope and whine about.

Six out of twenty, that was the score I got from a Mathematics long test I studied the whole night for. Don’t even get me started on the time I got a mental block during a performance of Florante and Laura or the time I saw my name at the bottom of the honors list. Looking back, my mistakes are literally innumerable, but they all have one thing in common – I learned from them. Failure doesn’t necessarily mean defeat. It is victory in another form.


Failure leads to determination. At first, you may feel depressed or hopeless but sooner or later you’ll feel the drive to try again. Failure is simply a test whether you’ll stand up not. The thought of making the same mistake twice will be your drive to do even better and not let that happen. The famous Walt Disney is a good example. He was fired from a newspaper firm because he “lacked imagination and good ideas”, but now he has revolutionized animation and broadened the imagination of children and adults alike. Proving people wrong was his drive to succeed.


No one succeeds in laziness.

Failure leads to self-actualization. In order to reach your full potential, you need to know your weaknesses. It provides an opportunity for you to reflect. Failure is a sign saying “here’s something you need to improve on”. It is a single but very important step in achieving greatness. Imagine if you never had any mistakes, you won’t be able to maximize or even realize your capabilities.

Failure leads to other opportunities. They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Life always has its way of helping you out. Sometimes, the opportunity it gives is even better than if you have succeeded. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Co., was turned down by Toyota Motor Co. for a position as an engineer. Later on, he started making scooters and finally his own business. Honda is now a multimillion dollar manufacturer of automobiles. If he were accepted by Toyota, then he wouldn’t have founded Honda and simply stayed as a worker under Toyota.


Failure leads to confidence and courage. Since you’ve already failed, it gives you an added boost of morale to try again and do well. In failure, you’ve already achieved the feat of trying. Some people are afraid of trying out different things due to the thought of failure.

To summarize everything, failure leads to success. Failure will tell you which road to take as you journey through life. Imagine if no one made any mistakes, it will be a pretty boring roller coaster ride.

It is important to note that attitude plays a key role in failure. A positive and healthy mindset is essential in overcoming failure. Without it, you won’t be able to overcome defeat and move on. Everyone makes mistakes so there’s nothing to feel bad about. Tap yourself at the back for every mistake once in a while. Good job! You’ve made a mistake. You’re one step closer in seeing success.


There’s nothing to feel bad about!


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The Success in Failure Reviewed by on . Failure is often seen in a negative light – “the lack of success” according to Google. If you look at it at a different perspective though, you’ll see it’s noth Failure is often seen in a negative light – “the lack of success” according to Google. If you look at it at a different perspective though, you’ll see it’s noth Rating: 0

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